Apple’s Back to School Promotion May Discount the iPad by $200, Expected to be Announced at WWDC

After the red carpet is rolled out at WWDC 2011, which begins June 6th, a report claims that Apple is expected to announce their annual back to school promotions. Over the past few years, the most common deal that has been offered to students is the inclusion of a free iPod touch, or up to $229 off any other iPod model, with the purchase of a Mac. It looks like this deal is set to continue, but the report also hints at a potential $200 discount on the iPad with the purchase of a Mac. There’s no clarification regarding which generation iPad this discount would apply to, but it would presumably be the iPad 2. It would be the first time that Apple offers an educational discount on something other than the iPod. Check out the handy chart below to figure out just how much you would save:

* All prices are in US currency and are subject to change.

Remember that, in previous years, this promotion has applied only to students that currently attend or are accepted into a higher education institution, such as college or university. Staff and faculty of higher education institutions and K-12 public or private schools are also eligible.

[Boy Genius Report]

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