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1The Remote application allows users to “play, pause, skip, shuffle, see their songs, playlists, and album art on their iPod Touch or iPhone as if they were right in front of their computers” (iTunes Store). Tired of sitting close to your computer or laptop while watching a movie in iTunes or listening to music? Would you rather relax at a farther distance from your desktop pc or mac? Check out the Remote. As simple as the name sounds, this application, made by Apple, works with your Wi-Fi Network to control iTunes or Apple TV from anywhere around your house. Pretty cool? Definitely.


Okay, but does it really work the way Apple promotes it?

Yes. I was actually pretty skeptical of this application when I heard about it and saw that it was free in the AppStore. I did not think it would work as well as it did, which actually shocked me.  User: himynameisjuan recently mentioned that “you can control your Apple TV using a touchpad-looking display, making it more useful than the Apple Remote that comes bundled with it” So, there you have it, even an iPtF member agrees that this Remote App is very handy! Thanks himynameisjuan for bringing that up.


So how does it work?

To make the remote work with iTunes, you must have an iPod Touch or iPhone with OS 2.2 or later, a PC or Mac running iTunes or Apple TV, and a wireless network. Setup is seemingly simple and fast. The iPod Touch/iPhone if connected to the same wireless network as your PC or Mac transmits a signal that allows you to control your computer.


You mentioned setup. How do I set this up?

Basically, for the first time, you open up the Remote Application on the iPod Touch or iPhone, it will say “Remote No Library Detected”; another window will slide up and says “Choose a Library…” Click on “Add a Library” and a 4 digit passcode will pop up. At this time you will need to have iTunes up and running on your computer. Under Devices on the left side, it will say iPod Touch/iPhone. Select that and enter the 4 digit passcode into iTunes. Instantly, iTunes will confirm the iPod/iPhone and you’re on your way to having a free wireless remote for your iTunes Library.



So now that I have this remote, what can I access?

From what I could see after testing it myself, the user has access to their WHOLE music library; this is basically everything he or she has stored in there. All of it can be found or searched for using the remote app on an iPod Touch or iPhone. The basic play/pause, forward/previous icons along with volume can also be controlled just as if you were listening to music or watching a movie directly off the iPod or iPhone.

Graphics & Presentation


  • Fits in with the iPod Touch/iPhone UI (gives the look and feel as if you were using the device itself)
  • Familiar buttons and commands
  • Easy to read/understand
  • No coverflow
  • Media buttons cannot be customized, even with jailbroken iPod Touch/iPhones

The verdict: While lacking cover flow, nearly everything about the Remote Application screams iPod Touch/iPhone. No wonder it was developed by Apple. (9/10)



  • Not Applicable. Users choose what to listen to, etc.

The verdict: No rating.


  • Easy to use buttons
  • Surprisingly fast connection (may very between Wi-Fi connections)
  • Very easy for anyone to use and figure out
  • Fast setup

The verdict: Apple did a good job in creating UI very simplistic, understandable controls that nearly anyone can use. (10/10)

Value For Money

  • Very good value without paying a cent

The verdict: If you’re an iTunes/Apple TV user, this app is a MUST. Get it, it’s FREE. (10/10)


  • Adding cover flow
  • Wireless syncing
  • Change the size of movies from the remote

While many free utilities are annoying and do not live up to their standards, the Remote application developed by Apple is definitely an outlier. The Wi-Fi Network combined with an iPod Touch/iPhone, and the user’s computer make a perfect team. Remote does not lag and works great if you want to sit back, relax, and pull up a playlist or watch a movie off your computer.

Graphics & Presentation: 9/10 (appropriate design as expected from Apple)

Audio: N/A (media is chosen by the user)

Gameplay/Controls: 10/10 (very appropriate and easy to use)

Value For Money: 10/10 (this application is FREE and works amazingly well)



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