Can’t Make It to WWDC? Meet up with Devs Elsewhere

Every year, Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (or WWDC) attracts thousands of people to the city of San Francisco. Unfortunately, ticket prices have seen constant increases, making it incredibly tough for the everyday consumer to make the trip. To purchase a single ticket to WWDC 2011, it would run you $1600. Even if you had this money, however, you would have needed to buy your ticket extremely quickly — it took just 12 hours for WWDC 2011, which runs this June 6 – 10, to sell out. The solution for those without tickets is to attend the several mini-conferences that occur throughout the surrounding area during WWDC. If you’re in the bay area of California, these conferences are a great opportunity to meet and collaborate with developers and technology enthusiasts alike. Check out what’s going on this June:

  • BeMyApp: This mini-con is a 48 hour hack-a-thon that runs from June 3 to 5 in San Francisco. It’s free to attend, revolves around pitching your iOS app ideas, and there are prizes to be given out.
  • CappCon 2011: This conference is based around Web apps that use the Cappucino framework, an open source application framework for developing applications. It runs from June 11 – 12, in San Francisco, and costs $200 to attend.
  • SproutCore meetup: SproutCore is another object-oriented development framework for building Web apps, including MobileMe. This meetup takes place in Twitter’s San Francisco-based offices on June 14, free of charge, and includes a presentation on SproutCore 2.0.

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