Apple Begins Inviting Press to WWDC, Doesn’t Mean Much

Apple PR representatives have begun to send out private invites to the UK press to attend their upcoming WWDC conference (June 6-10). A few blogs and news outlets have speculated that this means the iPhone 5 (or 4S) will be unveiled at the conference. While it still might be shown off and announced, press being invited doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be. For example, why was press invited for every WWDC Keynote before the 2007 unveiling of the iPhone? Probably because Apple has many other products (they have this whole computer line known as Macs), along with the actual software that runs the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

This reports comes down the pipeline from UK blog ElectricPig, “Apple’s UK iPhone PR team is approaching journalists from major publications to fly out to the event in San Francisco next month.” They go on to state that this is an obvious sign that a new iPhone will be announced; as I said above, it doesn’t.


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