AT&T: Dallas, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, and San Antonio to get 4G LTE this Summer

AT&T is slightly late to the 4G LTE game (instead focusing on “faux G” HSPA+), but it hopes to get in big: Dallas (where they are headquartered), Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, and San Antonio are all going to be getting the LTE treatment, AT&T style.

They also state that 10 more markets will be included in the second half of 2011. AT&T hasn’t confirmed any phones that will be LTE-compatible as of yet, though it does say that ”

We also have plans to add 20 4G devices to our robust device portfolio this year, with some of those being LTE capable.” That doesn’t sound like any phone will be capable of LTE this year, though that isn’t to suprising:¬†carriers¬†tend to test their network with data cards and such, before they unleash phones that are constantly on and sucking data down.

In other news, it seems as if AT&T likes the state of Texas. Why? Because sixty percent of the announced markets are all in it.


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