Editorial: When to Expect the Next iPhone

There have been numerous rumors swirling around the blogosphere over the past few weeks, all pointing at what Apple’s next move will be with regards to the iPhone. While most predictions do project that a next-generation iPhone is on the horizon, there is much speculation about what specs the next iPhone will have and when such a phone would launch. Apple’s been very quiet throughout this whole process, which makes the predicting game that much harder (in other words, nobody left a prototype iPhone on a bar stool for the world to see). With WWDC 2011 just around the corner, are we in store for a shiny new iPhone? My personal predictions and speculation can be found after the break.

No iPhone 5 in 2011

Apple won’t release the iPhone 5 during the 2011 calendar. My prediction here is rooted in the fact that Apple has recently released the white iPhone 4 and made the appropriate changes along the assembly line to do such a thing. Unless a limited supply of these phones have been produced, it would be irrational for Apple to release a next-generation iPhone just a few months after this long-awaited device. Furthermore, the iPhone 4 is supposedly set to launch in India at the end of May. Factoring in that WWDC 2011 takes place just two weeks later, where a new iPhone is often announced, it would only make sense for Apple to hold off on this release if a new iPhone was coming our way.

iPhone “4S” at WWDC 2011

Those that can’t go a full calender year without getting the “next best thing” will be happy to hear that Apple will unveil the iPhone 4S at WWDC 2011, which takes place from June 6 — 10 at Moscone West. I predict this next-generation iPhone will be revealed alongside the introduction of iOS 5, and will be available at the end of June or within the first week of July. The iPhone 4S will receive a spec bump while maintaining its current design. Among the new improvements will be an A5 dual-core processor, which runs the iPad 2, double the memory, improved camera quality, and a new 64 GB capacity. It’ll reap the benefits of the all-new iOS 5, including improved multitasking and alerts, and will also feature the Photo Booth app seen on the iPad 2.

When to Expect an iPhone 5?

The iPhone 5 will set a precedent in the smartphone market, but we won’t see it until July 2012. It’ll be slimmer, boast an all-aluminum design, have even longer battery life, and 4G network capability where available. It’ll be available in both black and white from day one, will shed the “antennagate” issue entirely, and might even have a curved screen.

As with all speculation, it’s open to debate. I encourage everyone to voice their opinions; when do you think the next iPhone will make its debut? Voice your opinions in the comments!

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