Interview With Michael Scott

No. Nooooooo! Not that Michael Scott. At the very least, this one is both competent and capable. Mr. Scott, the nonfictional one, was the very first CEO of Apple. Though, the very first question from Business Insider’s interview leads us to believe that there may be some similarities between the two bosses.

Business Insider: You were employee number seven when you came into Apple, right?

Michael Scott: No, because I assigned the employee numbers. I was employee number seven, because I wanted number seven. I was actually employee number five at that time. So I was 007, of course, as a joke.

The interview is very interesting, and reveals a bit more about the inner workings of Apple v0.1. Michael Scott provides a few stories about 60s Steve, who, unsurprisingly, paid just as much attention to detail as our current Mr. Jobs. “…the original Apple II case, Jobs wanted a rounded edge on it so it didn’t have a hard feel. They spent weeks and weeks arguing exactly how rounded it would be. So that attention to detail is what Steve is known for, but it also is his weakness because he pays attention to the detail of the product, but not to the people.

Check out the full transcript at the source.

[Business Insider]

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