Court Grants Apple Access to Samsung Products

Apparently, an Apple executive couldn’t walk into a Best Buy and purchase any Samsung hardware until today, because the San Jose County Judge Lucy Koh has waived the typical three month time period that Apple would have to wait to get samples of Samsung’s hardware. This is in preparation for the legal battle that is taking place between the two tech giants.

Normally, there’d be three months before Samsung had to hand over samples, but San Jose Judge Lucy Koh has decided that Samsung has already been shooting its mouth off about the unreleased phones and can’t claim they’re secret models, Courthouse News reports. Apple points out that Samsung even gave away a Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet to all 5,000 people at the recent Google I/O developer conference.

The court ordered that Apple be granted access to the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Infuse 4G, the DROID Charge, and then its two tablets: the original Galaxy Tab, and the new Galaxy Tab 10.1. With the exception of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, all products are available for purchase now. Seems like this is an example of the justice system moving just a bit to slow for the fast pace of consumer electronics.


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