Apple iPhone 5 Leaked in Photo

We brought you these pictures this morning, which depicted and labeled what we believed to be an iPhone 5′s reflection off of the backplate of an iPhone 5 (how’s that for meta?). The traces of a camera and an Apple logo were fairly easy to spot when the original photo was inverted in Pixelmator, and the flash was there, too, albeit slightly more obscure (since it wasn’t being used in the photo).

Now, thanks to the work of two who know Photoshop way better than me, the shape of the device is much more clearly visible. I asked two users (Appman and Kurt178) to do it independently from one another so as to try to confirm the results’ of the other. You can see the two photos below, which have only as described below. Both photos show that the dot that we believed to be the flash matches up perfectly, which was one of our early concerns.

Kurt178′s method, as described here:

in photoshop, i changed the exposure settings to see the reflected camera more clearly. i cropped out the reflected phone, put it on another layer.and flipped it. since it was on a bit of an angle, i worked it till the apple logo was the correct shape and the camera was the correct distance from the logo. i did this by putting the reflected camera on top of the iphone 5 and made sure the logo was the correct size and the distance from the lens to the logo was correct. what did i find? that dot, which was suspect is the flash, matches perfectly. it was in fact taken with an iphone 5. so there is working model out there!

Appman explained his method in a private message to me:

1. Inverted, then tweaked the exposure.

2. Tweaked color and contrast.

3+4. Tweaked the images’ “Curves”

The full size images can be seen here (Appman’s), and here (Kurt178′s)

We have heard that an iPhone 5 prototype has gone missing from a Foxconn production plant in China, which is where this image surfaced originally surfaced. Keep in mind that what you are looking at is an purported iPhone 5 backplate which shows the separation of the LED flash and the actual camera sensor – a change that’s been rumored for a month - while the hubbub is surrounding what’s been reflected in that image. The reflection shows the same separation of the LED flash and camera sensor, along with a trace of an Apple logo. Those three elements form what is more or less the only distinctive parts of the back of an iPhone.

While this isn’t a completely conclusive photo, we do believe that the camera used to take the photo was a working, prototype iPhone 5. Whether by accident or not, the photo was posted on Sina (the Chinese version of Twitter), and was picked up from there. Nobody else seemed to notice the reflection on the backplate, except for a few of our commenters (I didn’t notice it myself when I posted on it). This type of faking would take a lot of skill, time, and precision; more, I would think, than a prank would be worth.

If you have any information on the photo, or a reason why this could be a fake or that our photoshop (and logic?) is wrong, please post in the comments. We won’t bite!

You can view a gallery which includes the inverted copy of the original photo, the inverted photo, the edits done by Appman and Kurt178, and the snippets that I got this morning to show the distinct elements of the reflection after the break!

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