iPhone 5 Spotted in China? [UPDATE]

This is an update to this post, where we saw what was rumored to be an iPhone 5 backplate. Now, things get a little bit more strange: some of our clever commenters picked up the reflection shown in the purported backplate, and noticed that it had the camera and flash separated on it, too. What’s more, there’s a faint trace of an Apple logo. All of this can be seen by zooming in on the images, and inverting them in any photo editor.

We’ve also heard that an iPhone 5 prototype has gone missing in the recent days from a production plant run by Foxconn; could this be the missing prototype? So, either everything about this is fake and done by a clever photoshopper who was hoping to see it picked up, or it’s a two-fold leak: one being the backplate, the other being that this was taken by an iPhone 5. See the photos below for some possible evidence, and you can decide for yourself.

Remember that all photos have been inverted, which is why they appear different from the original. These same markings can be found in the original photo, even without inverting. It’s just easier to see and show this way.

You can see the full inverted photo after the break.

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