iOS Devices Account for 80% of Mobile Video Views, Who Needs Flash?

This could be worrying for Adobe: iOS devices, like the iPhone and iPad, don’t run Adobe Flash, but they account for 80% of all mobile video viewing. This is the word from Freewheel, a startup focused on monetizing video. The iPad takes 20% of the mobile video views, while the iPod touch and iPhone are basically tied at 30% each for quarter one of this year.

Notice how Android, which does run Adobe Flash, is swimming along with roughly 20% of the video viewing pie. Considering that Android devices outnumber the iPhone, this is interesting. Shouldn’t Android have, at the very least, more than 30%? I’d think so, which makes one question just how much multimedia Android users consume.

Either way, it seems as if Apple is waging a successful war on Adobe from the mobile front, and that even though Android actively touts Flash support as a feature, it isn’t being used by the majority of mobile video viewers. Freewheel does note that the overall market of consumers who view video on their mobile devices is small, but expects it to grow exponentially as smartphones and tablets continue to boom in the coming years.

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