Toki Tori Review


Toki Tori is a highly challenging puzzle/strategy game developed by Two Tribes and publised by Chillingo. Even though the iPhone version (available on the App Store for $4.99) is just a port of the Wii version, it still has its own uniqueness to it. The game is very entertaining and fun to play. You will never get bored trying to navigate Toki Tori through each world as it gets harder and harder. There are four worlds in Toki Tori; Forrest Falls, Creepy Castle, Slimy Sewers, and Bubble Barrage, with a total of 80 levels. Each word has 15 or so levels; some also have “training” like levels which help you get you use to the tools. Once you beat all the levels it unlocks the hard levels and there are also bonus levels as well.


The game play in Toki Tori is rather easy but very fun. If you have played the Wii version you will have no problems playing the iPhone version. Toki Tori can only move up, down, left or right (four directions). Touch where you want to go and touch Toki to turn him around or you can also give your device a slight tilt to the side you want him to face. The goal of Toki Tori is to navigate through each level while collecting eggs as you go. At the start of each level, Toki is equipped with up to four separate tools each with a given amount of ammo. There are two types of tools; navigation and weapons. Navigation tools help Toki navigate though each level and help reach areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Navigation tools include; Bridge Builder, which builds bridges. Telewarp, lets Toki teleport in any of the four directions, as long as there is nothing in the way. Brick Switch, which lets Toki move bricks to clear a path. Instant Rock; Toki throws a pebble then it grows once it hits the ground to fill up gaps. The last navigation tool is the Bubble Suit, which is only in Bubble Barrage. With the Bubble Suit, Toki can navigate in any of the four directions to help him move to higher ground, cross pits and avoid enemies. Toki can even float indefinitely if there is at least one use left. To regain bubbles Toki simply stands over a vent on the floor that releases bubbles. Weapons allow Toki to navigate through each level when enemies are present. Each world has its own enemies, which in turn have their own weapons. They are very useful as Toki only has to be hit once by an enemy to die. Weapons include; Freeze-o-matic, which turns the enemy into a block of ice (be careful in Bubble Barrage). The Ghost Trap, which doesn’t necessarily trap the ghost but removes the floor from underneath them. Also be careful with this weapon, some of the floors are thin enough for the ghost to fall through to a lower level. Last is the Snail Sucker, which is a backpack like vacuum that sucks enemy snails into it.



Overall, Toki Tori is presented remarkably well. The start screen is very nicely animated along with the menu. Depending on what level you are on, that will be your menu background. Every menu background is animated except for Slimy Sewers. The item bar is setup very nice and even has an option to place on either side of the screen. The amount of eggs left is opposite of the item bar on the top of the screen. The in game graphics are really stunning. Every world has its own unique environment to it and how things react with it.


Note: Graphics looks much better on device!


Audio: The menu music has a fast upbeat tempo to it. Once you select a world the music quickly changes depending on what level you chose. The music for each world is placed perfectly with its environment. Toki Tori also has the option to play device music. Not only does it have the option to play your own music, it has a custom play list maker inside the game. YES I said play list maker. In the options menu select iPod Controls and here is where you will set up your play list. Your music library pops up with little plus signs next to each song; simply tap the plus sign and hit done when you are done. Amazing right! The sound effects are used really well from the weapons to the tools to Toki’s every movement. Nothing is overdone in this game.



Replay Value: The replay value is really strong. With 80 challenging levels you will never get bored of this game. Every update adds more and more bonus levels which will make you stay up later and later.

Final Thoughts

At $4.99 this game is a great buy. You will not be disappointed with your purchase (if you are into these types of games). I was skeptical at first but after trying one level of the light version I went ahead and purchased the whole version and have not had any regrets.





Perfect five star!

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