App Review: Uber Racer 3D – Sandstorm

It’s the year 2080. The apocalypse is past, Earth’s resources are nearly depleted, and only a fraction of the population is left. Oil is the only valid currency now, and the only way to earn any is to race against the best and work your way to the top.

MadProcessor is one of the lesser-known developers in the App Store; the first time I saw their work was with their game, Parcel Panic, which caught my eye with the superb graphics (a feat mainly seen being done by the “big” developers) and overall gameplay. MadProcessor has only released a total of 3 apps over a period of a few years, but this time they’ve made a bestseller with Uber Racer 3D – Sandstorm. Catch the review after the break!


Uber Racer has quite a few features, so let’s talk about the most important ones.

There is only one type of game mode, and that is Career Mode. Career Mode features a 31 day race schedule, in which some days have multiple events. You can, however, go back to previous races and improve your score and oil winnings.

Here is your event calendar. Some days have multiple events, and the more gold medals you earn, the more oil you will receive.

There are four different types of races besides the standard “you vs. all” race that you will be involved in. These are:

  • Time trial – You are alone on the course, trying to get to the finish line before the time runs out.
  • One vs. One – This is seen at the end of the tournament events, where race against the other top racer of the tournament.
  • Tournaments – Usually two or more races, in which your score is average at the end of tournament, and podium places for that specific tournament, are given.
  • Elimination – It is set up just as a regular race, but at every lap, the person in last place is eliminated, so try to stay in first!

One of the most important things in a game like this is choosing the car that is right for you. Every one of the 12 different cars drives differently, making this game feel all the more realistic. Some cars are more productive on certain tracks than others; so, if you choose your car wisely, you’ll come out on top. Use your oil to purchase upgrades for your car, and buy new ones.

It is very easy to buy new cars, sell current ones, and purchase upgrades. The more events you complete, the more cars become available for you to purchase. Make sure you have enough oil!

Another feature that I should mention is the ability to have multiple profiles. So, maybe if one of your siblings wants to play and you don’t want to risk losing anything, or maybe you just want to start over, you can easily create up to 3 new profiles just for that.

Score: ★★★★½

Presentation and Graphics

The first thing you’ll notice upon launch is the 3D menu. While it does look nice, I still find it somewhat difficult to navigate, even after using it for a while.

The 3D menu. Swipe your finger from left to right to ‘jump’ to the different menu choices.

The in-race controls are very simple to master. As there is no auto-accelerate, you will be keeping one finger on the screen at all times. Simply hold down anywhere on the right hand side of your screen to accelerate, and using the same finger, swipe up to activate the nitro.

The graphics are what really makes this game shine. While speeding around the tracks you’ll notice the amazing amount of detail in every object. The developers have even stated that they have not repeated any textures, which means that every element, down to the rocks and plants have been painted differently. The real-time car shadows (only available for the 3GS and newer devices), adds even more to the already realistic gameplay. Uber Racer also has damage models. This means if your car takes too many hits, your door or may come off, and sometimes the car will start smoking.

Damage models. Here’s a car I threw into the wall one too many times, and it started smoking. Sometime the doors, trunk, or hood will also come off.

Score: ★★★★½


Besides the graphics, the audio of Uber Racer is amazingly realistic as well. It’s just like you’re driving in real life, also known as “3D sound”. The “distances” of the sounds of the other racers around you are accurate, and you can even “hear” where your opponent is if he gets close enough. Pretty soon, you’ll be easily able to block your opponent off from passing you up.

The engine revs and noises sound realistic, and they vary depending on how hard you are holding down the gas pedal.

The in-game/in-menu music is fast paced, but very repetitious. So, after playing the game for a while you may get annoyed like I did and turned it off. Sadly, I did not find an option to use the iPod music during gameplay or in the menu, which is a disappointment.

Score: ★★★★½

Reuse Value

Reuse value in this game really depends on the user’s personal preferences. If you’re a competitive person, you will probably find yourself going back once you have finished, and try to win the gold medals for each race, earn more oil, and get better and better cars. Or, you may just settle for what you have and be done with the game. I’m a competitive person. Since there are quite a few levels and a nice variety of track environments throughout the whole game, you really don’t get that “I’ve done this before, and I’m bored” feeling. So, reuse value for this game is really great.

Score: ★★★★

Value For Money

For only $0.99†, Uber Racer 3D is a steal. Its superb graphics and quality of gameplay put it up with some of the better-known racing titles, which go for $3 or even much more.

Score: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed playing Uber Racer. Even though there were some very minor downsides, this game really has potential. This easily could compete on the level of the Need For Speed for iOS series in some aspects. Gameplay was great, graphics were great, and my satisfaction with Uber Racer is really, really great.

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