Rumor: Internal Memo Sheds Light on a 64GB iPhone 4?

According to a tip received by This Is My Next, the iPhone 4 could be available in a new 64GB capacity very soon. The rumor originates from an internal memo circulating within Verizon retailer Russell Cellular, which makes references to both a 32GB and 64GB iPhone 4. Despite increasing evidence that an iPhone 5 is already being produced, a 64GB iPhone 4 wouldn’t require much change along the assembly line. Furthermore, the fact that the fourth-generation iPod touch is already available in this capacity makes this rumor even more plausible. There is a possibility, however, that the writer of this memo merely made a typo — it’s a mistake that happens all the time. Only time will reveal what Apple has up their sleeves. For nostalgic purposes, this iPhone would be sixteen times as large as the original 4GB iPhone.

[This Is My Next]

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