Headphone Review: Moshi Moonrocks

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Last month, Moshi ventured further into the audio market by releasing their new entry-level Moonrock in-ear personal headphones. Since it is just their second pair of headphones, the premium Vortex pair being the first, they’ll certainly have a variety of different pros and cons. The goal of this review is to satisfy your questions with regards to how they sound, their durability, and whether or not it’s worth it to buy yourself a pair of your own!


  • Driver Type: 6mm Dynamic Drivers
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Impedance: 18ohm
  • Sensitivity: 93 +/- 3dB @ 1kHz
  • Cable Length: 1.2 m

What’s Included

  • Moshi Moonrock Headphones
  • Cord Management System (carrying case)
  • Six Silicone Hybrid Injection Tips (three red, three white)


I found these headphones, in the red color, to be very appealing. They have a very distinctive style to them that most closely resembles Monster’s Beats by Dr. Dre in-ear headphones. You can also get the pair in white if you prefer. Moshi includes six different red and white removable eartips, in a variety of different sizes, that look very stylish and modern. The pair has a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack which is compatible with all iPhone, iPod, and iPad models.

A closer look at the in-ear earbuds with removable tips

Included with the headphones is a very creative and extremely effective cord management system, which doubles as a carrying case. The headphones are designed to fit seamlessly into this carrying case, which fits great in your pocket or in a backpack for on-the-go purposes. The cord management system keeps your headphones neatly wrapped up, untangled, and protected from the elements of life.

The headphones fit seamlessly into the included cord management system

There is a non-adjustable Y-split that is branded with the Moonrock name. There’s also a built-in microphone and remote for music playback controls. The remote has a small button which might be difficult to use for those with bigger hands. There’s also just one button on the remote, unlike Apple’s standard iPod earphones, which means that you’ll have to single-tap, double-tap, and so forth for it do the action you desire.

Score: ★★★★

Audio Quality

I cannot declare myself an audiophile, so this will be a general audio analysis. That being said, these headphones sounded better than I expected for the price. The bass was really apparent in genres such as rock, hip-hop, rap, and trance. I found that these headphones sounded much better at a louder volume, which I noticed because I was primarily using them while exercising at a gym.

In comparison to Apple’s standard iPod earphones, these headphones sounded better for a few reasons. First of all, the in-ear headphones isolate a lot of the outside noise which allows for you to hear your music clearly without damaging your eardrums. Secondly, they sound much better if they are inserted correctly. Sometimes, you’ll find that the pair will shift in your ear and might block out and distort some of the noise. To fix this, simply readjust the pair to your liking.

Score: ★★★★

Build Quality

First and foremost, there are small rubber nubs to provide strain relief underneath each of the earphones. Unfortunately, these didn’t work as good as I wanted them to as my right earphone stopped playing music after about two weeks of use. It should be noted that I probably did put too much strain on these headphones because I was listening to them while doing all sorts of free weight and machine-assisted workouts. I probably yanked on the cable too much and caused it to lose connectivity with the driver inside of the right earphone.

It’s also important to note that this problem can arise with many other pairs of entry-level headphones, including those designed by Apple. If this problem arises, there is a 2-year warranty that can be used to get them fixed or replaced. You can also fix them yourself if you have some knowledge with soldering. Keep in mind that any tampering of this sort will void your warranty.

The cables on the headphones are of relative thickness. The headphone jack is protected by a thicker amount of rubber. In the end, the fact that my Moonrock headphones no longer work is certainly going to hinder my overall opinion with regards to these headphones build quality.

Score: ★★½

Comfort Quality

These headphones fit very comfortably inside your ears. You can try the small, medium, and large eartips that are included to see which ones fit best for you. I personally prefer the medium or large ones best. They don’t make my ears itchy or painful.

Score: ★★★★½

Value For Money

At $39.95†, Moshi was able to price the Moonrock headphones competitively with other entry-level pairs. I would certainly recommend looking into these headphones at this price and I think they are more than valuable when you consider the cord management system and variety of different eartips that are included.

Score: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

These entry-level headphones are certainly recommendable based on the way they sound, how they look, their creative cord management system, and their relatively cheap price tag. If you’re considering getting a pair of in-ear headphones to replace Apple’s standard iPod earphones, these are certainly worth a look!

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