Apple Store “2.0″ Unveiled

Apple has just opened the doors on its “2.0″ retail stores on the other side of the world (well, other side from my perspective) in Australia. It seems as if they have gone paperless in a big way; instead of dead-tree spec sheets, they’ve upgraded to iPads, and lots of ‘em.

Now they have iPad 2s by every computer, which allow the user to interact with the information about the product (picture it as a native, glorified app on a 9.7 inch super-thin tablet, which looks like something from Star Trek, and you’ll get the overall picture. The iPads also allow users to “call” an Apple Specialist to where you are to further ask questions and, of course, purchase.

I’ll be updating this post as we get more information, but please! We need your help on this, our awesome readers. If you find yourself in an Apple Store that has been “2.0-ified,” don’t hesitate to take a video/picture and tip me at! The best pictures and videos will be featured on this post, with credit being given to the appropriate Twitter account/ iFans account (please be sure to include those details in the email). There’s surely more details that will flow out, so please don’t hesitate to report in.

You can view more pictures at the source link.


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