Tutorial: Playing Flash Videos on your iDevice

While this isn’t necessarily the newest discovery, it’s worth repeating for the majority of users that do not know about it. Thanks to a JavaScript bookmark “hack,” one is able to play Flash videos directly on their iDevice. This tweak works on all iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad models regardless of their capacity or generation. The best part about this virtually effortless tweak is that you do not need to jailbreak your iDevice in order to enable Flash videos. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any support for interactive Flash of any nature, such as games. The easy one-two-three tutorial can be found after the break!

  1. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.
  2. Navigate to the address http://iosflashvideo.fw.hu within Safari.
  3. Save this page as a bookmark.
  4. Open up your bookmarks list, tap “edit,” and remove everything that appears in this new bookmark prior to “javascript:h”
  5. Navigate to a website that has Flash videos and, while on this page, tap on your newly saved bookmark. You will notice that the Flash videos will now be able to be played.

Thanks, 42395_skyline!

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