Toshiba Unveils a Native 720p, 367 PPI Four Inch Smartphone Screen

Apple has just been kicked off the pixel density pedestal, and by Toshiba no less. Toshiba today announced a four inch smartphone display which sports a 1280-by-720 resolution panel. That weighs in at 367 PPI (pixels per inch), and means that the device supports native 720p HD video.

While no handset has yet been announced with this display, Toshiba states that at least one will be out “later this year.” It will also likely be running that little green OS (you know, the Open Source one). The only downside seems to be that viewing angles suffer for some reason; the hands-on video from Engadget says that the viewing angles are actually worse than the Nexus 1 (which has an AMOLED display).

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