Accessory Review: XtremeMac Tuffwrap & Microshield View Cases for iPod touch 4G

XtremeMac offers a wide variety of accessories for Apple devices including the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. Just over a month ago, I reviewed two different dual charging solutions offered by this Florida-based company for those same devices I just mentioned. Now, I have got my hands on a two-pack of Tuffwraps (silicone cases) and the Microshield View (rigid slider case) for the newest iPod touch 4G. If you’re looking for iPod touch cases that deliver great value and multipurpose functionality, these cases are worth taking a look at!


Tuffwrap (two-pack)

At first glance, the Tuffwrap looks like an average silicone case for the iPod touch. There are, however, a few design aspects that make this case really great. To begin with, it has textured sides that provide additional grip and feel great in your hands. The silicone material is very durable, yet smooth.

The white Tuffwrap for the iPod touch 4G

Secondly, the case has a form-fitted design. The case covers the entire back of the iPod touch and wraps around the front edges. This leaves the iPod’s front bezel exposed, which has always been my personal preference. Plus, the functionality of the front-facing camera, screen, and home button is left unobstructed.

Individual port openings on the black Tuffwrap

Instead of having one opening that spans the entire bottom of the iPod, the Tuffwrap has individual openings for the dock connector, headphone jack, and speakers. There’s also openings for the camera and microphone, and the former does not obstruct the lens. The case works fine with a variety of different headphones that I tested it with, such as: Apple’s standard iPod earphones, in-ear headphones, and a pair of over-the-ear headphones. The dock connector worked fine with the regular iPod sync cable and the case’s silicone is thin enough to allow for the iPod to be docked with most third-party accessories.

Covered volume rocker and sleep/wake button

One of the biggest flaws that a case can have is when it hinders the ability to use the volume and sleep/wake buttons. Thankfully, the Tuffwrap’s soft silicone does not inhibit the use of these buttons. Another flaw that a silicone case can have in particular is its ability to attract dust. The Tuffwrap is indifferent, as it’s virtually a dust magnet; however, it’s much less noticeable if you use the white version. From an overall perspective, the Tuffwrap is one of the better silicone cases that I have come across for the iPod touch.

Microshield View

The bottom piece is slightly misaligned with the top piece on the Microshield View

At the other end of the spectrum is the Microshield View, a rigid, two-piece hard shell case. The exterior of the case is coated with a soft finish that, like the Tuffwrap, feels great in your hands. The bottom piece of the case slides off to allow for easy docking access. I haven’t found the case to scratch any part of the iPod when sliding it on and off, but a higher level of care should always be taken. Unfortunately, the bottom piece of the case doesn’t exactly align with the top piece. This is just a minor cosmetic flaw, but it’s worth pointing out.

The Microshield View’s integrated stand

The Microshield View has an integrated stand that is great for watching video and other media. It’s great in landscape mode only. The viewing angle is good, but the stand is a little less-than-sturdy. You’ll have to be careful not to put too much pressure or force onto the iPod, as the little stand piece could bend slightly. Another downside is that in order to pop out the stand, you’ll have to partially slide off the bottom piece of the case.

Covered volume rocker and sleep/wake button on the Microshield View

There are individual openings on this case for the dock connector, headphone jack, speakers, rear-facing camera, and microphone. The camera lens is not obstructed and there’s enough room to use each port for its intended purpose. The volume rocker and sleep/wake button, however, are both covered by the hard shell material and it really makes it harder to push these buttons. This can become quite frustrating.

Tuffwrap: ★★★★ / MicroShield View: ★★★


The silicone material that the Tuffwrap is made of is good at absorbing the impact damage that would arise from you dropping your iPod touch. The form-fitting design gives just enough space for the dock connector and other openings, which prevents dust from getting into these areas. This case will protect against scratches, dents, and other abrasions just fine.

The Microshield View is a two-piece slider case

The Microshield View’s hard shell provides even more protection against impact damage from drops. The rigid material is more durable and protective. My only concern is whether one of the two pieces of this case would slide off if you were to drop it from a considerable height.

Tuffwrap: ★★★½ / MicroShield View: ★★★★½

Value For Money

You can get a two-pack of Tuffwraps, in black and white, for just $19.99† plus shipping. I look at this as a very generous price that I would be more than willing to pay for a duo of silicone cases. You can easily get silicone cases on eBay for even less than this, but the money spent here is certainly worth it for the premium XtremeMac quality.

On the other hand, the Microshield View retails for $24.99† plus shipping. This case isn’t nearly as valuable for its price tag, but its two-piece sliding ability and integrated stand give it multipurpose functionality that might cater to your needs. An alternative to consider is the Scosche kickBACK.

Tuffwrap: ★★★★½ / MicroShield View: ★★★½

Final Thoughts

Both of these XtremeMac cases are good recommendations if you’re looking for an iPod touch 4G case. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons between each type of case and evaluate which one would cater to you better. There are multiple other colors and designs that these cases are available in on the XtremeMac website.


Microshield View:

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