Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” Wallpapers for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

Apple’s latest update to their major next operating system, which is currently in beta, included what appears to be the final wallpaper pack that will be in the public release. So, while you can download the full size wallpapers for your machine here, wouldn’t some of these make fantastic wallpapers for an iOS device? Methinks yes, so I went through and cropped and downsized away, until every single wallpaper included was at the iPhone 4′s native resolution: 960-by-640, or perfect for your Retina Display. And guess what: they’re all available after the break.

The wallpapers work fine for 320-by-480 screens, as well, so don’t feel to bad if you don’t have the latest and greatest iDevice. You can save these photos on your iDevice by tapping the image, letting the full picture load, and then again tapping and holding it until a list of options comes up (select “Save Image” from there). You can then go into the, and set the wallpaper from there.

Enjoy, and if you’d rather have them all, they can all be downloaded by clicking this link!

Update: Thanks to Drewza1243, we now have iPad-compatible Lion wallpapers! You can download that batch by clicking here, and major props to Drewza for getting the wallpapers up so fast. You can view his website here, which is based around boot logos for jailbroken devices.

Hit up the read link to see the photos one-by-one.

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