Jay “Saurik” Freeman, Creator of Cydia, Attends Google IO Conference

Jay “Saurik“ Freeman, of Cydia and iPhone hacking fame, is at Google IO, a major press and developer conference revolving around all things Google, YouTube, and yes, Android.

Freeman is known for many achievements, but his unofficial iPhone app store is probably the most notable. Freeman is the creator of Cydia, so why is he at Google IO? Apparently, he “works a lot with Google developers and app engine,” says Seth Weintraub, who spotted him coming out of the conference and snapped his photo, as well as getting a brief question or two answered. It’s not surprising, given that Freeman is involved in a good many projects besides Cydia (you can view the full list here, on his personal website).

He was quick to state that there is no need or plans for an Android version of Cydia, especially given the numerous app marketplaces available for that platform. His shirt even pokes fun at his major creation by showing the “Reloading Data” status message that, before the latest version of Cydia, was displayed after almost every action.


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