Duke Nukem Forever Headed to an App Store

Toucharcade has noticed a little bit of gold in the Steam page for Duke Nukem Forever. Specifically, it references an App Store in the terms and conditions, which could only be there if it was going to be released on, well, an app store.

Which app store, you ask? Well, it’s definitely either the Mac App Store, or the iOS App Store, though there’s no definitive answer to which one at this point. The original Duke Nukem is actually already available on iOS, so the franchise has at least some background with Apple’s mobile products. Toucharcade also points out the the engine isn’t being named at this point, but that it wouldn’t be a huge leap to suggest that it would be running on the Unreal Engine. That, too, isĀ availableĀ for iOS.

Currently, though, the legalese that tips us also states the following:

The license to the Software is a non-transferable license to use the Software only on an iPhone or iPod touch that you own or control.


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