Google Launching Music Service Tomorrow, Movie Rentals for Youtube

It was literally only days ago that we reported on Amazon’s Cloud Player music storage locker working on iOS, but already that space is heating up with El Goog about to put their best foot forward. Like Amazon’s offering, this online music storage service will not be blessed by the labels (Amazon, and presumably now Google, argue that an online storage service is just like storing your music on another hard-drive or flash drive, but instead one that is in the cloud).

Music Beta by Google (that’s the official name) will offer ten times what Amazon gives you, when it launches in a beta capacity tomorrow: the ability to store 20,000 songs for free, which is in stark contrast with Amazon’s “measly” 2,000 song storage limit for the free account. Details on further paid account were unavailable, with Jamie Rosenberg, czar of digital distribution on Android, stating “I think we’re honestly going to learn from the beta experience, and think about opportunities for the long-term model.”

Why won’t it be blessed with the music label’s good word? According to Rosenberg, they simply weren’t forward-thinking enough:

“Unfortunately, a couple of the major labels were less focused on the innovative vision that we put forward, and more interested in in an unreasonable and unsustainable set of business terms.”

This sets the stage nicely for Apple’s long-rumored music locker to be unveiled at WWDC, or perhaps a little later in the summer. Unlike what Amazon, and soon Google, will offer, Apple’s service will be backed by the music labels. It’s long been rumored that the backend of Apple’s storage locker has been done, but that that kink is in waiting for the labels to approve.

Look for the official announcement tomorrow, during Google’s IO 2011 keynote, which starts at 12:00 pm ET, 11:00 am CT.

Update: It has also been reported that Google will officially announce YouTube movie rentals. It will offer over 3,000 feature films from Hollywood. Some will be free, paid for by advertisements, just like TV, and other videos will be paid. This should be demoed and released tomorrow or the next day, also for Google IO.


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