Amazon Shows Apple Some Love, Updates Cloud Player to Work with iOS

Amazon’s recently launched Cloud Player music storage service has received an update to make it significantly more usable on Apple’s mobile devices. Previously, selecting a song would pop up a mobile Quicktime video player. This clunky solution worked, but lacked the ability to perform simple tasks, like skipping forward/backward.

Amazon has since updated the web client to work with iOS devices. While it isn’t quite as nice as an actual app, it provides nearly all of the functionality that you could ask for. Even the multitasking music controls work flawlessly. Sound quality is said to be “great,” and the only part of it that is a little buggy seems to be the scrubbing capability. Skeptical that Amazon is embracing Apple’s mobile devices? Notice the little blue “playing” icon in the status bar; music is definitely playing.

Two more photos after the break.

Thanks for the tip, @_appman_!

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