Preview: PocketTouch Incoming!

ZOMG_exclamation_point_BIG_ICONThe wait is nearly over!  One of the most widely anticipated App Store apps will land on your springboard in less than 48 hours time.

PocketTouch will be available for purchase on the App Store on Thursday October 15th!  So what’s all the fuss about, why am I dribbling like a mad fool with excitement, why do you need to get this app and, for those of you who’ve been living under an iDevice-free-rock for the last two years, what exactly is PocketTouch anyway?

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As the majority of you will know, PocketTouch is the first and foremost alternate media controller for the iPod touch and iPhone created by our very own forum super mod Skylar Cantu.

According to one of his recent blog posts, PocketTouch has been downloaded nearly 750,000 times since its first inception back in 2007.  500,000 of these downloads alone occurred in the year up to August 2009… that’s more than 1,000 independent downloads per day of the original jailbreak app on the old firmwares!  Some evidence of the popularity and usefulness of this great pocket media controller.

So what does PocketTouch actually do?  In a nutshell, if you’ve ever found yourself having to inconveniently stop what you’re doing to adjust the volume of your music or change a track and wished you didn’t have to break your momentum, stride or rhythm, then PocketTouch is your savior.  If you exercise, drive, jog or even walk while listening to music and you don’t want to have to take your iDevice out of your pocket then you need this app to control your media.

The App Store version of PocketTouch allows you to:

[Hit up any of the above links to get more info on each function]

It’s been a long wait for the latest incarnation of PocketTouch but it’s been well worth it.  Skylar was kind enough to pass me a promo code so I could have a look at it and I have to say that  the attention to detail is superb and I’m flushed with geeky excitement at the the idea of pairing up this great little app with my new stereo bluetooth headphones for my walk home from work this evening!

New users and old school users alike will appreciate the heart and soul that Skylar has put into this project over the last few years. When it goes live on the App Store you’ll be able to grab it from this App Store link.  Priced at an undervalued $0.99 you’d be mad not to own it.  Nice job Skylar!

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