Accessory Review: HandStand for iPad

An iPad 2 edition of the HandStand is now shipping between May 1st and May 15th. It’s available in black, white, or pink for $49.95†

If you’re used to holding your iPad in your hands, but worry about dropping it, then the HandStand might be the solution for you. It’s a regular case that slides onto your hand and can be rotated to any angle that you prefer. The materials used to create this case are 100% recyclable. The HandStand, manufactured in Portland, Oregon, also has a variety of other different features and purposes that can be seen after the break. Check it out!


The HandStand itself has a hard shell that is lined with a soft rubber material. It has a black or white matte finish that completely covers the back and four sides of the iPad. The case also has an elevated lip that covers the front edges of the iPad. Unfortunately, dust tends to collect and get trapped along these edges, which can become a nuisance to constantly remove.

The case slides onto your hands thanks to a one-size-fits-all stretchy elastic band. The iPad rests nicely in your palm and feels sturdy while doing so. In other words, the iPad will stay in your hands regardless of the angle in which you hold it. The elastic band is attached to a large, revolving disc on the back of the case that allows you to, while holding the iPad in your hands, turn the iPad a whole 360 degrees. The disc has notches behind it so that it doesn’t spin uncontrollably. This unique idea makes it easy to adjust your iPad’s viewing angle while you are holding it.

The revolving disc also has an integrated stand that offers a good viewing angle for both portrait and landscape mode use. There are two elevated ridges on the back of the case that keep the case elevated, but the iPad has a minor rocking motion to it while using it in the tabletop position. One downside to all of this extra hard plastic is the considerable amount of weight that this case adds to your iPad. It’s rather heavy with the HandStand on!

There are openings for the dock connector, speakers, headphone jack, microphone, and mute button. The hard plastic that covers the volume controls and power button makes them considerably harder to push down, which is pretty aggravating. In the end, the HandStand’s unique design is hindered by some minor design flaws.

Score: ★★★


The combined use of both hard and soft plastics in the HandStand gives it a considerable protective factor. The hard shell is really protective against impact damage, such as dropping your iPad. The soft plastic makes the HandStand very easy to grip. In general, the case is also protective against scratches, dents, and other abrasions. Just remember that dust may get stuck on the front of your iPad, as previously mentioned.

Score: ★★★★

Value For Money

If you thought you would get a HandStand for cheap, you’re wrong. The case will run you $49.95† plus an additional $10 flat rate for shipping within the United States. Be prepared to pay an additional sum if you’re placing an order from outside of the USA.

As of writing, this is the same price that the HandStand for iPad 2 will retail for. This is simply an overpriced case, but it’s certainly not alone. Many other iPad cases are sold at exorbitant prices, so I do give the slightest amount of leniency towards the makers of this case. I could probably peg down the American manufacturing of this case as the major reason why the cost is so inflated.

No other accessories or add-ins are included with this case to help out the value of this case.

Score: ★★

Final Thoughts

This is a case that is functional and protective for too much money. This is a fairly common trend among iPad accessories, however, so I’m not too surprised. Although I want to give this case a fair recommendation, the HandStand’s price tag makes me think otherwise. If you have the money, check it out. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, keep looking.


  • Great for the workplace — healthcare, financial, real estate, business, etc.
  • Safely hold your iPad in your hand
  • Protective
  • Unique 360 degrees rotating disc


  • Adds considerable weight and bulk to your iPad
  • Hinders the use of the power button and volume controls
  • Expensive

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† All prices are in US currency.
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