Cydia Review: FakeClockUp

FakeClockUp is a free tweak available on Cydia by adding the package source found under the Installation section of this review.

As a fellow iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad user, we all know how slow iOS can be. iOS handles loading very badly and sluggishly. As the hardware gets slightly better each refresh year, it still isn’t on par to our fast-demanding needs. As we get used to the operating system that comes preinstalled on every iDevice, we want our content faster; we don’t want to wait around for the Mail application to load up. Granted, it isn’t a very hard operating system to handle, but it is a hassle when your device takes a long time for what you want to load up. Hence, there needs to be a tweak that solves our problems safely. Overclocking is one method used to speed up computer processes. It overextends how much the hardware is allowed to take. As you may have been thinking, it can be harmful to your hardware. However, novi, the creator of this unique, free tweak shows us a way to “overclock” without the harmful side effects.


FakeClockUp doesn’t touch the hardware at all. It simply allows you to adjust the animation speed to your preference. Although this seems useless at first glance, it isn’t what it appears to be. If you don’t believe me, then simply watch the demo video. You will notice this tweak has no effect on games and how long they take to load. This tweak simply speeds up animations, not the actual applications themselves.


The video seems sped up, however, it is in real time and it is how fast all those menu screens load up. The animation is simply cut and the whole operating seems much smoother.


Setting this tweak up may seem daunting, however, it is quite the opposite. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Add the source: go to Manage on the bottom in Cydia. Click Sources, then click edit, and type what you see in the picture or type: “” (without quotations).
  2. Install the tweak: simply go to Search, found on the bottom menu of Cydia, and search for “FakeClockUp” Then, install it but clicking the on the top right button then confirm the download. Allow it to install and Respring or Return to Cydia if Cydia tells you to.
  3. Go to Settings menu and scroll down to the FakeClockUp option and click it.
  4. The bigger the number, the faster the animation will run. I set it to about 5.0x. I’m simply an impatient person.
  5. Lastly, whenever you set a animation speed, you must respring or else you won’t see any change. Simply install SBSettings from Cydia OR turn off the iPod and turn it back on.

The author could have easily integrated a Respring button so inexperienced users can use it with ease.

Installation: ★★★★


I see myself using this for a very long time until iOS has been upgraded to such a state that this tweak is rendered useless. Knowing Apple, it won’t happen for a long time. Although it may seem like using this tweak destroys the iOS experience, it actually does the exact opposite. It makes it seem like iOS is one of the fastest mobile operating system out there.

Usage: ★★★★★

Value For Money

The tweak comes to you at no cost. You have nothing to lose because this will not damage your device in any way. Just try it out for a minute or two and see how you like it.

Value For Money: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

Considering the price, purpose, use, and installation process, I would give this a 4. Although this has nothing to do with the previous stars, I simply thought the author could have done better job with the UI and could have simply put a Respring button instead of just saying the tweak requires a respring.

Overall Score:

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