App Store to Hold 75% of Mobile App Downloads for 2011

Despite not having the majority of markets are in the smartphone space (though, counting the iPad and iPod touch, they are the leader), Apple is predicted to have the vast majority of apps downloaded in the App Store. This is coming from IHS iSuppli, which also states that revenues will rise 78%, bringing in 3.9 billion dollars. Apple’s slice of the revenue is predicted to be $2.91 billion, or 76%, which represents a 63.4% increase over the previous year.

Though Android will grow approximately 300% in the next year to become the second-largest app repository, the projected revenues fall ridiculously short of Apple’s 2.91 billion dollars at $425 million. The other app markets (BlackBerry App World, webOS App Catalog, Nokia’s Ovi Store, Windows Phone Marketplace) clock in under that figure, with the Blackberry App World and the Ovi Store rounding out the top four.

[IHS iSuppli]

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