Apple Store goes Down, iMac refresh Seems Inevitable

Following last weeks’ rampant rumors of a new iMac refresh going live today, the online Apple Store is down. This follows the pattern that Apple has laid out in recent years for updating products: the online Apple Store goes down on a Tuesday in the early morning hours, and is back up in an hour or two.

The specs, as per 9to5mac and the mysterious Mr. X, seem very nice:

IMAC 21.5″/2.7QC/2X2GB/1TB/6770M
IMAC 27″/2.7QC/2X2GB/1TB/6770M
IMAC 27″/3.1QC/2X2GB/1TB/6970M
IMAC 27″/3.4QC/2X2GB/1TB/6970M

Note that there is only one 21.5″ iMac; the rest are of theĀ 27″ variety.

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