Twitter in Talks to Purchase TweetDeck for $40-50 Million

TweetDeck has been for sale for a while, with the older rumors saying that UberMedia (the company run by Bill Gross, which has recently been snapping up various Twitter clients, most on Android) was throwing their hat into the ring containing anywhere between $25-30 million. However, Techcrunch‘s Michael Arrington is reporting that Twitter has offered to buy the popular TweetDeck for nearly twice what UberMedia was offering.

With the recent reports of Twitter trying to monetize their platform and close out as many alternative clients as possible, it’s easy to see this as an act to stifle the competition. Not so, according to Techcrunch’s sources; instead, it’s purely defensive. Twitter couldn’t allow UberMedia to possess as much market share as they would by acquiring TweetDeck. Apparently, this is just a massive bid that is intended to disrupt the deal. Mission accomplished, Twitter; it doesn’t seem likely that UberMedia will be able to counter this massive offer.


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