“Lima”, a Browser-Based Cydia Alternative Coming Soon

The Infini Dev Team, who is responsible for the speedy (and recently revived) Cydia alternative named Icy, is releasing a new 3rd party package installer called “Lima”. The installer will be completely browser-based, so no installation is required. Like Icy, Lima will be sleek and fast, so it is unlikely that users will benefit from some of the more advanced features that Saurik’s app offers. As you may recall, Cydia’s last competitor was gobbled up, so it will be interesting to see how Lima fares against the de-facto package installer.

As usual with most jailbreak-related tools, there is no ETA, but a beta of Icy 1.4.8 is available for those longing to try something new.

Lima is going to be a great installer, and just for notice, we aren’t leaving Icy behind. By the way, we got it working on the iPad and firmware up to 4.3.2 and we are soon releasing v1.4.8, with several bugfixes that came all the way from RipDev’s code and on further releases we are adding Cydia Store purchases. On Lima too!

[Infini Dev via iPDB]

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