iOS 5 Being Widely Tested by Apple

iChat Image(987741204)

9to5mac reports that they have received numerous tips from developers saying that Apple’s new mobile operating system is running their apps. The OS update is expected to be shown off at WWDC, but not launched until later in the summer, or even early fall.

The image shows that Apple is testing the OS on multiple devices (iPad 2, iPod touch 3G, iPod touch 4G, and the iPhone 4). One bit of information is that Apple is testing the OS on at least one third generation device (the iPod touch 3G), which seems to suggest that Apple is still planning on bringing the update to its third and fourth generation devices.  As some rumors have suggested that the iOS 5 update will require an Apple A4 processor as a bare minimum, this shines a brighter light on the upgrade for many third generation customers.

Though the iPad 1 isn’t specifically included in this photo, it’s a shoe-in for the upgrade due to it having almost identical specifications to the iPod touch 4G (Apple A4 processor, and 256 MB of RAM).

Any developers out there have any information regarding iOS 5 being tested on their apps? Email me!


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