Sony VP Addresses Playstation Network Hack

This morning, Sony VP Kaz Hirai issued a press conference and Q&A session concerning the attack on PSN. If all goes to plan, services will be restarted in order “by the end of a week’s time”, and everything should be back online within a month. Sony is still not sure if any credit cards have been compromised, but millions have been exposed. Keep checking your CC statements for any suspicious activity (and change your passwords!). Sony is considering reimbursing customers for new plastic.

Sony will be moving the PSN datacenter to a new location with beefed up security to prevent another attack, and a security expert has been brought in to determine the source of the hack. As compensation, users will receive 30 days free of PS Plus, Qriocity and Music Unlimited, as well as a free software gift.

Anonymous is still on Sony’s radar as a potential suspect, but it seems that Sony does not have much information on who the intruder is.


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