Mac OS X Lion Contains References to ‘Castle’ Successor to MobileMe just released their findings, after digging in the newest Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” developer build, and found one gleaming jewel: the OS contains string references to upgrading to an online service named “Castle” from the current MobileMe. Current speculation says that this is Apple’s codename for their MobileMe replacement, which would actually be the recently purchased

Apple launched MobileMe in 2008, alongside the App Store in iPhone OS 2.0, and the iPhone 3G. The service was first¬†extremely¬†unstable, and had problems coping with the sudden strain for most of the year. It has since received multiple upgrades and additions, and is now very stable and actually offers some decent features. It still pales in comparison to the likes of Google’s online services, simply because it costs $99.00 per year. If Apple were to loose the MobileMe naming scheme, but keep the same features, and then drop the price to no more than $20.00 (or really, free), then they may be able to reclaim at least some of this online services marketshare that MobileMe failed to give them. This new information seems to show that happening, and that won’t be a simple iTunes locker or file deposit system. Instead, may be the successor to MobileMe as we know it.


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