BREAKING: Tweetie 2 approved!

Tweetie 2 has just been approved by the Apple suits, and should be on the way to the App Store within hours. Atebits on @Tweetie (on Twitter) just posted this tweet:

tweetieTweetie 2… APPROVED!!! (Might be a few hours before it shows up in the store).

and that’s how we know ;) Tweetie 2 for iPhone means that there will soon be Tweetie 2 for Mac as well. The Tweetie 2 “update” will be £1.79 ($2.99) and is a complete rework of the original Tweetie app – including some amazing features which I’ve personally been gagging for in a Twitter app!

EDIT: I’ve managed to get a link. Lots of searching and knowledge of the interwebz is good! CLICK HERE TO GET TWEETIE 2 NOW.

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