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This afternoon, I took advantage of the beautiful, sunny weather by sitting outside on my deck and using my iPad. As I was casually browsing on the web, the brightness of the sun made me recognize that the screen had a lot of fingerprints that were extremely visible—and distracting—all over it. As you probably know, Apple no longer includes a microfiber cleaning cloth with their devices. Thankfully, there are a plethora of different cloths and cleaning solutions offered by third party accessory companies—some good, some not so good. I’ve got my hands on a few different wet and dry cleaning solutions for the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and other screens; my thoughts on each can be found after the jump!

Logiix Tablet Screen Cleaner & Dual Clean

Tablet Screen Cleaner (left), Dual Clean (right)

The Tablet Screen Cleaner is a gel-based liquid cleaner intended to be sprayed onto the included microfiber mitt, which is then used to clean the screen of your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. It is effective at removing fingerprints, smudges, and dust. You use the other side of the mitt, which has a pocket for the spray bottle, to dry the screen when you are finished. There is somewhat of a residue or haze that remains, but it disappears within a minute or so. The solution is anti-static in addition to being alcohol and ammonia free. I’ve been using this solution for the past few months with my iPad, to keep it shiny when taking pictures of it for accessory review purposes. Don’t expect there to be a lot of solution, however, as the bottle is rather small. Logiix’s Tablet Screen Cleaner is sold at various stores and locations across the United States and Canada. Prices vary.

The Dual Clean is a wet and dry cleaning kit for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch which comes with a tiny bottle of gel-based liquid cleaner inside of a hard plastic shell with wet and dry microfiber pads. The pads are covered by transparent plastic caps so that they stay clean. You spray some of the cleaner onto the wet pad, clean your screen, and dry your screen with the other pad. It’s essentially the same product as the Tablet Screen Cleaner above, but with two pads. It’s equally as effective at removing fingerprints, smudges, and dust. Being the exact same solution, it’s also anti-static and free of alcohol and ammonia. The same haze that I mentioned above also appears with this product, but disappears in equal fashion. Logiix’s Dual Clean is sold at various stores and locations across the United States and Canada. Prices vary.

Toddy Cloth

This is Toddy Gear‘s “smart cloth” which is designed with a durable, plush microfiber cloth on one side and a patterned silk microfiber on the other. The Toddy Cloth is definitely a safer alternative to cleaning liquids, which have a limited chance of damaging your device, but this concept is rather peculiar. When I say this, I mean that it’s just a regular microfiber cloth offered in a bunch of different designs. Asides from an antimicrobial coating, this cloth is really no different than the one that you would get included with many cases or sleeves that you buy for your iDevice. Nonetheless, the Toddy Cloth is washable, stain and wrinkle resistant, and environmentally friendly because of its reuse factor. It’s available in two sizes: 5″ x 7″ (smartphones, iPods, cameras) and 9″ x 9″ (iPads, Kindles, other tablets) for $14.99† plus a $3 flat rate for shipping. Shipping is free with the purchase of two or more Toddy Cloths. That’s a lot of money for just a cloth, in my honest opinion. But if you’re creative, or want a nice-looking cleaning cloth, the Toddy Cloth is the best that I have seen yet.

How dirty does your screen get? What cleaning solutions, if any, do you use? Sound off in the comments!

† All prices are in US currency.
This review was written by the Review Team.
Thanks to Max Borges Agency and Logiix for the review samples.

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