App Review: iTeleport Jaadu VNC

The frustration of forgetting to e-mail yourself a project or essay is among the most painful experiences known to man. Enter iTeleport: an app allowing you to remotely log in to your computer, and work at full capacity from anywhere in the world. iTeleport has a variety of features with an easy setup, but it’ll cost you!


  • Supports Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • Works Over WiFi and 3G
  • Supports Retina Display
  • Allows Flash Streaming (No Audio/Video Streaming)
  • Accessory-Compatible


Unlike many similar apps currently in the App Store, iTeleport has a straightforward, easy setup. It requires you to install iTeleport Connect on the computer you want to remotely access, and enter your Google credentials to set up a server your iDevice can connect to. (By default, the server’s password will be your Google account’s password.)

Then, simply open the iTeleport app on your iDevice, and go to the Discovered tab. There, you should find your PC or Mac’s server. Tap it, and log in.

Score: ★★★★★

Presentation and Graphics

iTeleport has an aesthetically pleasing connection screen. A light-blue tunnel swirls slowly, then brings you suddenly into your computer’s screen.


The developers pay excruciating attention to detail in this app, making it look refined and polished, and setting it above other apps of the same kind.

iTeleport does a fair job of streaming content from your computer to your iPod, but it does look rather grainy sometimes. On iDevices with Retina Display, graphics are quite close to the original, but on older devices, the content is somewhat blurred and abstract. (Of course, this has more to do with the hardware of the iDevice than the actual app; it simply wasn’t made to handle such a large amount of information.)

And this brings us to Flash. The app sports support for Flash, bringing to the table a huge plus. But sadly, as said before, an iDevice wasn’t meant to handle huge amounts of information—meaning Flash streaming is very slow. That’s not to say it’s unusable, however. You can go on Flash websites and maybe play a small game. Sorry to all the WoW and HoN fans, though—it won’t work.

User Interface

The usage of the app is intuitive, and feels very natural. A tap simulates a mouse click; scrolling from side to side requires you simply to slide your finger in the direction of your choosing; scrolling up and down is done by a slide of two fingers. Using this app is très facile, very easy.

However, there is a huge problem in this app that deeply scars its usability–the controls are not configurable. You cannot change how the app reacts to different series of taps and slides. The default controls are the only controls, and that is a problem.

Score: ★★★★

Value For Money

The price for iTeleport is set at a depressing $24.99†. When compared to similar apps, the cost is astronomical–as much as about 25x the money. Some leeway can be given for the extensive features and capabilities, but all-in-all, the price is still exceedingly large.

Score: ★★

Final Thoughts

iTeleport is a great app, full of features and interesting uses. It does have a hefty price tag and a rather rigid control scheme, but I’d take this over two movie tickets and a drink–especially when I forget my course papers.

Overall Score:

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