Nielsen: Customers Prefer Android

Android has managed to slip past iOS in the latest Nielsen poll, which surveyed customer’s preference for smartphone OS. From July to September 2010, 33 percent of customers chose iOS as their operating system of choice, 7 percent more than Android. But, the tides have changed. 31 percent of customers now claim that Android is their preferred OS, a whopping one percent more than iOS, which dipped 3 points. As expected, Android’s market share has grown substantially over the past year as well, with half of survey respondents indicating that they purchased an Android device in the past six months, compared to just 25 percent who chose Apple.

Of course, this hardly means that Apple is in any sort of trouble. Android has been doing great, but there are well over one hundred different Android devices on the market, across all major networks, compared to just five iPhone models on both AT&T and Verizon. Competition is the heart of innovation, so anything to keep Apple from resting on their laurels is good for the customer.


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