Steve Jobs, Andy Rubin on Location Privacy

With the recent iPhone-tracking-your-every-move news, it’s interesting to point out what Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs, has to say on the matter. The video comes from D8 last June, and from D: Dive into Mobile last December. In other words, fairly recent. In short, Steve Jobs feels very much that it is private data that should never be exploited and shared without the users’ consent.

However, it isn’t quite as contradictory as some are spinning it. Steve Jobs defines privacy as “people know what they’re signing up for, in plain English.” It does tell you that the iPhone is keeping track of your location in the terms of use. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple squashes this database, or at least severely limits it, in the very near future.

Jobs isn’t the only one featured in this video; Google’s Andy Rubin is also included. He’s basically the father of Android, and his view is what you would expect of a Google executive. He states that there is nothing in the Android Open Source operating system that sends any information into the cloud, and that while other manufacturers can collect and send information due to the very nature of open source software, he would personally not give it his blessing.

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