Space Invaders Infinity Gene

GameplayTaito Corp is back! The company who brought you the original Space Invaders back in 1978 brings you Space Invaders Infinity Gene, the space shooter that evolves as you play. The classic video game that your parents played has been revived to suite the needs of the fast paced new-school crowd. The game starts off very basic, but after just a few levels you’ll be astounded by how action packed and exciting a 2D space shooter can be.

In case you have never played Space Invaders, the object of the game is to shoot down all your enemies, and not get hit. In the early stages you are limited to 1 weapon and horizontal movement.  Pretty soon you can move anywhere on the screen, shooting a variety of weapons, and having enemies coming at you from all over the screen. As the enemy evolves, you evolve as well, and if you can’t keep up, you will lose.

Early Stage

One of the beginning levels.


When it comes to most space shooters, you end up with jagged edges, blurriness, and lag because they are so fast paced that the graphics engine on your iDevice can’t keep up. Not the case with Infinity Gene. The graphics consist of clean, 1px lines and some fill in color. The backgrounds are generally black, but in some extra levels, there is a background gradient, which is the most sophisticated graphic image in the game.  But it’s simplicity is part of it’s strength.  There was hardly any lag on my 1G iPod Touch, i can recall only having lag 3 times throughout my completion of the game, and i was playing while ignoring the memory error (please read on for more info).


A more complicated stage, later in the game.


The game audio is quite remarkable. The techno music is very clean, and enjoyable. All of the game audio was specifically made for Infinity Gene by Hirokazu Koshio, his goal was to provide the player with very nice techno music that fits with the game’s style, but music that was a step up from traditional space shooter music.  He sure did do a great job, the music and tempo seem to flow with the levels. For a more information about the audio and it’s creation, check out the article here. As you complete levels, you can unlock the game music and game sound effects, which you can access in the Sound menu option.


These are all the unlocked sound effects, you can listen to them for fun.

Another aspect of the game audio is that you can use music from your own personal music library while you play. The cool thing is that, using the music data from the song, Infinity Gene creates a level. Every song creates a different level, and the same song will make the same level even if it is on a different device. Unfortunately, the level it creates does not go along with the music, meaning that enemies wouldn’t pop out when the beat of the song picked up, or anything like that.

Audio Library

Tap Yes, pick a song, and play on your own custom level.


This is one of the most fun games i have ever played on my iPod touch. It’s simple, fun, challenging, and is a great retake on an old classic. The simple controls are nice. Just hold your finger down and move it around to move your ship, a hidden element of the controls is that your finger doesn’t have to be on the ship, it can be anywhere on the screen. This allows you to move your ship around with superior agility and not have any blind spots.  The ship automatically fires, and fires faster when there is no finger touching the screen, a very effect tactic when it comes to taking down loads of small enemies that are flying around, or to take down a boss quickly.

Video from Taito Corp.

When you defeat levels, you unlock more levels, graphics, and sounds. There are 38 levels in all, 15 graphics, 8 sounds, and 35 sound effects to be had. When you defeat a normal level, the “Trunk” of the tree goes up. By completing a level when the XP bar fills up will create a branch. By the time you are done with the game, you will have built your own evolutionary tree! You can view the graphics by selecting the Graphics menu option, in here will be all the graphics that display what you have accomplished.


This is part of my own evolution tree.

The array of weapons you can use is awesome, i don’t want to tell you everything, but the weapons range from single shot, to auto lock, and even a weapon that creates black holes! All weapons have their strengths and weaknesses.  Killing a little UFO ship gets you a power up orb, pick up the orb, and upgrade your weapons.  The more orbs you get, the more the weapon upgrades (there is a limit). Upgrades include a faster rate of fire, more power, and other power ups specialized for each weapon.


These are some of the weapons you can use.

One concern for me was that i got an error every time i loaded up the game.  And even though i would restart, the error would still show up. I’m not positive, but i think only 1G iDevices will get this error, because they have less memory than the newer models. Despite the error, the gameplay was still very smooth, so the pop-up is just a bug.


Error message bug.

Replay Value

If you want to beat the game as fast as you can, you can.  It doesn’t take too long to complete the game if you play non-stop for a day. But even after you do that, there’s the free-play mode allowing you to play all new levels that are unique to each music track you have. Because of this feature, i think the replay value is high, considering that even though you can complete the game, there is always something new to play.

Money Value

I feel hat the price of Infinity Gene is it’s largest downfall, even though it’s not that big of a problem. $4.99 is a large pricetag for any 2d app on the store. Having played this game, i am recommending you to buy it, despite the cost. I’d put the value of it at $2.99, but it is Taito’s job to decide the price  of their games. If you are concerned about the price, i would buy it as soon as it goes on a sale or if there is any price drop.  It is simply a remarkable game.

Graphics – 9

Audio – 10

Gameplay – 9.5

Replay Value – 9

Money Value – 7

Overall – 8.8


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