iMac Refresh is Imminent

Intel’s latest Sandy Bridge processors along with Thunderbolt support could be coming to the iMac as early as next week. Rumors claim that Apple will stop shipping iMacs to retailers this week in preparation for a May 3rd or 4th launch. There have been constraints on iMac shipments and components for the past several weeks, which only assures that a product refresh is in the near future. One customer who recently purchased an iMac through the Apple Education Store was informed of such a delay:

Due to an unexpected delay, we are unable to ship the following item(s)
by the date that you were originally quoted:

Z0JP, IMAC 27\”/5750/SD
will now ship on or before
May 02, 2011

The latest iMac refresh occured in July 2010, coinciding with the release of Apple’s Magic Trackpad.

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