Quick Looks: Fling, Particle Case, and Pogo Stylus

I have got my hands on a bunch of different award-winning iPad accessories from Ten One Design! These accessories were seen at this year’s Macworld Expo and Consumer Electronics Show, and grabbed a lot of attention. Here’s a complete rundown of each:

Fling Joystick

Are you a frequent gamer with an iPad or iPad 2? If you are, you’ll find Ten One Design’s Fling joystick to be very handy. It’s an attachable, analog joystick that will provide you with a more tactile gaming experience than using your fingers. I tried it out on my original iPad and it worked considerably well. It makes gaming a lot easier if you’re not particularly good at it like myself. It’s made of a transparent plastic with an anodized aluminum center and it doesn’t take up too much room on your screen. It’s really flexible, too. When you’re done gaming, you can remove it and store it in the included microfiber bag. The Fling is a pretty nifty accessory, and it won a Best of Show award at Macworld 2011 to boot. The only downside? For such a simple accessory, it’ll run you $19.95† plus an additional $4.99 for shipping to get your own.

Fling Joystick — Design: ★★★★★ | Value For Money: ★★½

Check out the Particle case and Pogo stylus after the jump!

Particle Case & Pogo Stylus

I can understand the simile that Ten One is establishing between a particle and this case; they’re both simple and tiny. I literally have dozens of cases for my iPad, and this is the one that I use. I wanted a case that was extremely lightweight, low-profile, and nice looking—something that the Particle case was able to achieve. The case wraps around the edges of the iPad, leaving almost the entire back of the iPad and most of the front uncovered. Before you dub it as being the least protective case ever, which was what I originally thought, remember that it has four rubber feet on the back. These feet elevate your iPad just enough off of a surface to avoid any scratches or abrasions. Obviously you will still have to practice extra caution when using your iPad, and it certainly isn’t a case that can be quickly tossed into a bag. A protective film for the back of the iPad is a good recommendation to avoid any chances of damaging your device. All ports and buttons are fully uncovered as well. You can get your own Particle case in black, blue, or purple for $34.99†. I couldn’t imagine paying this much for the tiniest piece of plastic, but at least it includes free shipping… and the Pogo stylus!

Particle Case — Design: ★★★★ | Protection: ★★ | Value For Money:

The Pogo capacitive stylus that is included with the Particle case allows you tap and swipe on your iPad’s screen without using your fingers. It’s a good length, but its responsiveness is somewhat fussy and I’m doubtful of how long the stylus’ felt tip will hold up for. The stylus has a metal clip that attaches to the Particle case and is branded with the Pogo logo. The stylus works just fine with the iPhone and iPod touch as well. The Pogo stylus is $14.99† by itself, plus shipping, and comes in a variety of bright colors.

Pogo Stylus — Design: ★★★★ | Value For Money: ★★★½

† All prices are in US currency.
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