iOSTracker.NET Allows you to View Consolidated.db Location Data on Windows

While Mac users have been able to view the contents of the consolidated.db for the past week, iPhone users on Windows have only been able to look on in jealousy. No more, as developer Tom Zickel has released iOSTracker.NET, a straightforward program that allows for the viewing of the consolidated.db file, which records where your iPhone has been based on cell tower triangulation.

The description is as follows:

(Ignore the fact that I wrote this site via ssh using nano on a remote server in 5 minutes :) )
iOSTracker.Net displays the recorded location information from your iOS version 4.X Devices Backups on your computer that were done by iTunes.
This program is inspired by iPhoneTracker for Mac OS X and uses OpenHeatMap for displaying the locations on the OpenStreetMap infastructure.
iOSTracker.Net was coded by Tom Zickel (@icebreak).
No location information is recorded by the app itself, nor is it transmitted anywhere, the map downloads locally OSM map tiles and 2 JavaScript scripts and a Flash applet.

Feel free to dive on into the somewhat-creepy nature of the database file by downloading the app at the read link!


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