Theme Review: Deep Blue Lockscreen

This lock screen theme is created by tjdyo who has been on the forum since 2009 and recently released a few very interesting modifications for Apple’s generic UI. This theme is available to download for free here, and if you like Tjdyo’s work, you can donate via PayPal here. This theme is also available on Cydia!

This theme is compatible with all iDevices including the iPad, iPhone 4 and older generations. I have used this theme on my iPhone 4 after going through the simple install process. The images look of very high quality due to the Retina display.


Apple didn’t do a great job with their lock screen; many features could have been easily implemented such as information Lock Info supplies. This theme may not supply you with all this information, however if you prefer simplistic looking themes; this is the one for you. This theme includes a very nice looking clock of a reasonably large size, and looks very sleek on devices with a Retina display. The color and font of the clock does a very good job in contrasting with the beautiful landscape wallpaper included with the theme, and is very nice on the eyes. A nice feature of the clock is that the seconds are constantly changing, giving you an accurate representation of the current time. This can be handy for timing an event.

Moreover, this lock screen also includes an accurate weather widget in the bottom right corner. This can be customized to correspond with your home-town easily by editing a .plist file inside the theme. This was a very easy process. If you don’t want the weather on your lock screen, or you already have one; there is an alternative version with no weather.

Features: ★★★★


The design of this lock screen is a very ingenious idea. Originally, this theme was Breeze HD by rogergamer over at MacThemes and was modified into Deep Blue. The slider, clock and weather originate from Breeze HD, however have been slightly modified to suit the fresh look of this lock screen. The wallpaper has been used with permission from Irving Gerardo over at DeviantArt. This wallpaper suits this lock screen very well and corresponds with the name Deep Blue for it’s deep blue colour shown throughout the theme. The font colour requires no strain from the eye to view with ease and contrasts with the wallpaper very well.

Design: ★★★★★


Performance wise, I haven’t found any problems with a slower iPhone or battery draining. You can also edit the .plist file to when the weather updates. I have mine on 15 minutes and this seems to work efficiently. However last night I came across a glitch with the clock while adjusting the volume, and I managed to get a screenshot of what happened (to the right).

This was not a big issue as it went away after a few seconds, but it was a little strange. Furthermore, the slider seems to be smaller on my device. I may just have to change a file name, but this does not hinder the sleek look of the theme at all.

Stability: ★★★½

Final Thoughts

Overall, this theme is a very good replacement for your normal looking lock-screen; I would recommend it to anyone. This is because of the simplicity of this theme and how simple things can look so good on the iDevice. This is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already, considering it’s free! Be sure to donate to tjdyo if you enjoy his work. Thank you for reading my first review! Many more will be on the way.

Overall Score:

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