AT&T: T-Mobile Customers Can Retain Rate Plans, Devices

AT&T has released their official plans for global domination to the government for review, revealing the finer details of the planned T-Mobile USA acquisition.

With this acquisition, T-Mobile USA consumers will be able to keep their current rate plans. AT&T will map T-Mobile USA’s rate plans into AT&T’s billing systems as we have done in the case of prior acquisitions, so that if a T-Mobile USA consumer wishes to change her existing smartphone to a comparable smartphone from AT&T’s device portfolio, she will be able to keep her existing data plan

T-Mo customers will be happy to know that they will be able to keep their rate plans even if they upgrade to a new AT&T device, but their current T-Mobile device will continue to work as-is on the network if they prefer to kick-it old school. AT&T also notes that customers will “benefit from free mobile-to-mobile calling to a substantially expanded customer base“. This should quell some of the fears customers are having, but AT&T still has plenty of room for making mistakes if the acquisition is approved.

[Ars Technica]

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