Android Review: JuiceDefender

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JuiceDefender, by Latedroid, is a top of the line application for Android smartphone users! It monitors the phone’s usage on things such as data and connectivity. There are five default profiles you can set JuiceDefender to: Default, Aggressive, Extreme, Customize, and Advanced. This allows for ease of use by selecting preset profiles or customizing your own setups. Let’s get a little more information on these profiles after the jump.


Easily select which profile you want to use


The default profile is for users who don’t want to alter any performance on their phone, but still improve battery life. Use this if you just need a little extra juice.


The aggressive profile is what its name suggests; it’s more aggressive in saving your battery life. It runs as if it were the default profile until your battery is low, and then it kicks in. It will shut down connectivity to your applications that aren’t whitelisted. It’s good if you need a little more juice than the default profile gives.


The extreme profile, is for heavier users of battery. It limits all connectivity unless the application is whitelisted, ensuring you get the most out of your battery. This profile works great once you’ve configured the applications that you need to connect, and you will definitely see improved performance. This profile, however, may cause home screen widgets that connect to the internet to malfunction.

Customize / Advanced

Both of these profiles should be avoided for just “basic” users. The default to extreme profiles are for those users. These two profiles offer maximum customizing for the more advanced user. They offer many options for the user to choose from to squeeze a little more juice out. These offer a wider variety for more power-consuming users. You can tweak a profile to fit your needs here. WARNING: These profiles can be dangerous, so do not use them if you do not know what you’re doing.

This does not seem like a lot of features, but for this application it is all you will need. It provides a plethora of functionality accompanying almost any Android smartphone user. From the user who is switching from their old flip phone to the Android veteran, anyone can navigate this application.

Features: ★★★★★

Graphical User Interface

As you can see from the screenshots below, this application is not very complicated to use. (Except in customizing your own settings, that is.) You have an “About” tab with some basic information about the application such as how much of your battery is being saved and some other applications from the developer designed to squeeze a little more juice out of your dying battery.

This tab allows you to read a little more about the application

The “Status” tab shows and explains all the different profiles, toggle notifications, and even presents a full log of the application itself. (If you know what it is talking about.)

This tab shows you information on how it’s setup

The only downfall is the customize / advanced categories which can be very complicated if you are just messing around.

GUI: ★★★½

Reuse Value

To judge this strictly on the basis of how many times you will actually use this application is unfair, because on one hand, it will probably always stay up on the notifications bar; but on the other, you will probably not have to visit it a whole bunch.

The app stays on the notification bar and notification pull down list

To balance these out, I will review this category on a basis of if you would keep it or not. If you’re looking to save some battery on your Android smartphone, this is definitely a must. It provides so much more ‘juice boost’ than traditional ‘app killers’.

Reuse Value: ★★★★★

Value For Money

This application is available on the Android Market for the expensive price of $0.00. So, in other words, it is free. You can get no better value for your money to save your battery other than this application. There is, however, an upgrade extension for JuiceDefender called JuiceDefender Ultimate, which offers a little more functionality for a price of about $5.00†. This is still not a bad price for an application that you will use for the rest of your Android experience.

Value for Money: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

JuiceDefender is about the best application to save battery life on the Android market. You will definitely keep it for a while because you will notice large improvements in battery life on your Android smartphone. The simple UI makes it easy to select your options. The applications only downfall is that 2 of its 5 profile require customization, which can be dangerous or difficult to basic users. And for that, the application gets a collective score of:

Overall Score:

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