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I’ve got my hands on iSkin’s Vu for iPad (1G), a hybrid case made out of both soft and hard plastics. The case gets its name because of its transparent plastic design which allows for you to see almost the entire back of the iPad. In the following review, I will be assessing the Vu‘s design, protective ability, and how valuable it is for its price tag. Keep an eye out for upcoming reviews of other iSkin products such as the Duo, a silicone case for iPad, and the ProTouch keyboard skins for your Apple wireless keyboard.

About iSkin

iSkin is situated in Toronto, the largest city in Canada, and design many premium accessories for popular Apple products such as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Their products have reached the hands of millions of consumers in over eighty different countries. “iSkin emerged as a design force at the onset of the portable digital music revolution, creating visually arresting accessories starting with the very first iPod in 2002. In fact, iSkin helped launch an entire industry devoted to stylishly protecting some of the world’s most vital personal assets.”

What’s Included

iSkin includes a vanity kit with the Vu, seen below, which consists of the following items:

  • Microfiber Cloth
  • LCD Anti-Static Cleaning Wipes
  • iSkin Stickers
  • User Manual


The edges of the Vu, including the corners, are lined with soft thermoplastic. The sides and corners are very smooth and have a glossy look and feel. The plastic has Microban antimicrobial protection that prevents the growth of bacteria on the case. The flexibility of this plastic helps you to put this case onto your iPad, but it’s certainly a more tedious task in comparison to the average silicone case.

Almost the entire back of the case is composed of a hard, transparent plastic shell which acts as a window and allows you to view (“Vu”) the back of the iPad. In general, I favor transparent cases because they allow you to see the device that you spent your hard-earned savings on. This case is no exception, as you can see nearly everything from the front bezel to the Apple logo on the back.

iSkin claims that the Vu is a low-profile case, but I tend to disagree with this notion. Most of the colors that the case is offered in are very bright and vibrant, which would certainly attract more attention than using your iPad without a case. The black color, however, is certainly an exception.


  • Reflex (Blue), Breeze (Aqua Blue)
  • Baron (Red), Cosmo (Pink)
  • Vive (Purple), Sunset (Orange)
  • Puma (Black)

The case has a hard plastic cover that fits over the dock connector. This cover can be removed to use your iPad with Apple’s keyboard dock or other third-party docking accessories. Unfortunately, I found it to be very loose fitting and it constantly needs to be refitted. Nonetheless, I like this concept of multipurpose functionality, as iSkin was successfully able to include docking ability without jeopardizing the case’s protective ability.

Score: ★★★★


If you were to drop your iPad with this case on, which I won’t be demonstrating for you, it’s more than likely that the Vu‘s hard shell casing would provide considerable, if not full protection against impact damage. This certainly depends on the circumstances of the drop, so don’t come hollering at me if you decide to throw your iPad off the top of a building.

The volume rocker, power, and home buttons are covered to protect against moisture, wear and tear, and other possible damage. The case is virtually insusceptible to dust as well, which is a huge pro over silicone cases.

Lastly, there is a raised lip around the front edges of the iPad which provides an additional element of protection for the screen and front bezel. You could also choose to use a screen protector with your iPad, but you won’t find one inside of the box.

Score: ★★★★

Value For Money

iSkin’s Vu was recently reduced to $32.99† after the release of the iPad 2. It’s a fairly average price for a fairly average case. It’s a price that I would be willing to pay for this case, but it’s always important to look into alternative cases in this price range beforehand. The few extra items included with this case are bonuses. For reference purposes, the Vu was steeply priced at $64.99 prior to its price reduction.

Score: ★★★

Final Thoughts

I would certainly buy this case over a silicone case, as the latter tends to have every particle of dust or debris stick to it (it’s really frustrating). It’s a tedious task to remove this dust and is something that could be avoided entirely with a hard shell type case such as the Vu. I give this case a considerable level of recommendation for those looking into getting one of these cases.

Overall Score:

† All prices are in US currency unless stated otherwise.
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