iOS Marketshare Outreaches Android by 59% as comScore Discovers the iPad, iPod touch

Ready for some sane mobile market share news? Good, because comScore is, too: they’ve discovered that the iPad and iPod touch both run iOS!

In a report today, comScore outlines that while Android is beating the iPhone, Android still has a long, hard journey on the road to conquering iOS. While previous reports of mobile market share ignored the iPod touch and the iPad, this one doesn’t. Since those two hit devices aren’t excluded here, it is revealed that (by comScore’s count), Apple’s iOS is outreaching Google’s Android by 59%.

Though market share doesn’t directly translate into profitability (or apps, or really anything else, for that matter), these numbers could be important for future potential developers choosing their platform to develop for. Common knowledge suggests that the platform with the largest amount of users would be the most profitable, though Android is struggling with creating an ecosystem in which paid apps thrive.


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