Accessory Review: LostDog™ Slim Case Stand

“Art saves life.”

Bluetrek is proud to offer the LostDog™ series of accessories, designed by Aurele, for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. I previously looked at the LostDog™ Genuine Leather Pouch for iPad and will now be taking a look at the Slim Case Stand, also for the iPad. Both products were shown alongside many other Bluetrek products at CES 2011. Bluetrek now offers similar cases for the iPad 2.

What’s Included

  • LostDog™ Slim Case Stand
  • Microfiber Screen Cleaning Pad


The LostDog™ Slim Case Stand for iPad has a brown suede finish on the front and back. There are no additional color choices available. The “lost dog” design is embossed in the suede on the front. The LostDog™ logo is also imprinted onto the front and back of the case. The interior is lined with soft, recycled tan microfiber. When necessary, this material can also be re-recycled. The case is slim and low-profile. I was impressed with how little bulk this case adds to your iPad.

The case has hard plastic corners to lock the iPad into place. It also has a genuine leather strap that acts as a locking mechanism and allows you to use the case as a stand. The front cover of this case can be folded back and this strap slides into its holder. Viola, you’ve got a stand!

The stand is durable, and supports the iPad well. It makes onscreen typing and other functionality much more effective, and it has a good viewing angle. You can’t adjust the viewing angle. You can use this stand for watching movies, browsing the web, emailing, playing games, and for many other functions.

Score: ★★★★

Value For Money

The LostDog™ iPad Slim Case Stand retails for $59.99† on Bluetrek’s website. It’s a fair price to pay, considering that you are getting a case-stand hybrid. You are also protecting your device inside of a slim accessory that isn’t stellar looking, but certainly isn’t ugly. The slim case stand is more affordable than its $89.99† counterpart, the LostDog™ Genuine Leather Pouch.

Score: ★★★


In general, any folio-like case offers good protection for the device that it carries. The LostDog™ iPad Slim Case Stand is no different, as it provides complete front-and-back coverage of your iPad. The folio snugly cradles your iPad with its hard plastic corners, preventing any possibility of scratches, dents, or other wear and tear.

There are, however, three sides of the iPad that are left entirely exposed, which does pose a risk for scratches. In addition to that, the same slimness that I favored earlier also has its downsides since it is not nearly as protective against impact damage as a bulkier case is.

Score: ★★★½

Final Thoughts

As stereotypical as it may sound, I was not expecting this Hong Kong-manufactured iPad folio to be as well-designed as it is. The LostDog™ series by Aurele is clearly a hit, and is a smart addition to Bluetrek’s product line. For anyone that is interested in a folio, the Slim Case Stand is fairly priced and offers good design and functionality that you’ll love. Let’s just hope that Aurele finds that dog one day!

Overall Score:

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