The Designer Lounge, Number 2

The Designer Lounge is a monthly article “designed” by our very own Manic Nimrod, which includes interviews, the latest previews, and the best of the recent theme releases. Enjoy!

Welcome to the designer lounge #2, the new and improved Recent Theme Releases (RTR). This new iFans article is aimed at all the themers and designers within the community. Each edition is packed with themes, designs and interviews.

For the 2nd designer lounge, I’ll be talking with Decke about his iFlat series of themes, as well as information about a slew of amazing themes from one member of the community.

For this edition, I will be changing the layout a little. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of theme releases lately. Most likely due to the start of summer and end of the college/school calendar month.

I’d like to thank everyone for reading and I hope you enjoy this edition!

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